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Game of Life


What & Why

Game of Life is an animated simulation of Conway's Game of Life. It is a cellular automaton system, a zero-player game. Cells live and die based on set of rules and an initial environment. They form civilizations that interact and evolve, and end in either static or dynamic patterns, or vanish entirely.

It is a simple life simulation for deep insights that it brings. Through it one can see the evolution of life, the raise and decay of civilizations, the order from the chaos, monotonic and dynamic balance between life and death.

We, as players, have the role of the Highest in this small universe. We watch, we observe, we experiment. We are able to bring a dying civilization to a new life, we can also destroy the fragile system with a single click. The reason why I built this becomes clear; I wanted to visualise the beauty of life in this Game of Life.


The game runs automatically. You can pause it by pressing the pause button. You can also reset the game by pressing the reset button. Click on the cells to change their state.


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